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Freelancing Course

Freelancing Course: all-in-one starter course for newbies. You will be guided from scratch to success.

  • Course Inclusions:

Lesson 1: Virtual Assistance Basics

Lesson 2: Virtual Assistance Branding Set up

Lesson 3: Virtual Assistance Applications

Lesson 4: Virtual Assistance Payment Setup

Lesson 5: General Virtual Assistance (GVA) Tasks

Lesson 6 - Social Media Basics

Lesson 7: Social Media Accounts Creation and Optimization

Lesson 8 - Social Media Content Planning and Creation

Lesson 9 - Scheduling and Posting Social Media Content

Lesson 10 - Organic Social Media Marketing
Lesson 11 - Simple Website Creation, Optimization & Management
Lesson 12 - Online Writing and Marketing
Lesson 13 - SEO Basics and Setup
Lesson 14 - SEO On-Page Optimization
Lesson 15 - SEO Off-Page Optimization (Backlinking)
Lesson 16 - Lead Generation
Lesson 17 - Basic Facebook Ads
Lesson 18 - YouTube Optimization
Lesson 19 - Basic Email Marketing
Lesson 20 - Building your Freelancing Empire

How does the course work?
The course has 20 pre-recorded online lessons in total. You will work on these lessons and assignments for 1 month. You will send me your assignments and I will let you know what to improve. There are group live coaching sessions every Monday, 9-10pm. This is also recorded in case you cannot attend. You will have 1-year access to the lessons.

How much?

(Before: P7000)
Promo: Php2500 FIRST 30 STUDENTS ONLY!

Freelancing Course Batch 18 starts on September 7.


Interested to enroll?


Check our FAQ page.

Social Media In-depth Course
This course is for business owners and those who want to work as Social Media Managers. This is a supplement after the Freelancing Course.
  •  Course Inclusions:

Lesson 1: Business Branding and Social Media Plan

Lesson 2: Facebook Marketing

Lesson 3: Twitter Marketing

Lesson 4: LinkedIn Marketing

Lesson 5: Instagram Marketing

Lesson 6 - Pinterest Marketing

Lesson 7: Overall Social Media Management & Marketing

Lesson 8 - Social Media Branding Set-up

Lesson 9 - Social Media Job Applications

Lesson 10 - Earning 100k/month as a Social Media Manager

How does the course work?
Social Media Course has 10 in-depth lessons and assignments that you will need to complete within a month at your own pace 🙂 I will be there to coach and guide you until you complete the course and you get your own Social Media client. There will be 2 live coaching sessions on the first and last Monday of the month which are dedicated for Orientation and Evaluation. These are also recorded so you can watch again. You will have 1-year access to the lessons.

How much?

(Before: P4000)
Promo: Php1500 FIRST 30 STUDENTS ONLY!

Social Media Batch 15 starts on September 7.


Interested to enroll?


Check our FAQ page.

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